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Halloween Glam Tutorial

glamour-zombie-mkup-by-shaunGlamour Zombie Tutorial- Shaun (Makeup Artist for Fairweather Faces) Step 1 Apply light weight primer to clean skin Step 2 Highlight your forehead, nose, cheekbone, and jaw with a concealer 3-4 shades lighter than your normal shade Step 3 Use an eye liner in a deep purple shade to create dramatic contours to the hallows of the cheeks, and temples. Step 4 Draw circles around both eyes, then shade in circles using the purple liner. After that draw an arch across the bridge of the nose, then smudge the line downwards towards the tip of the nose. Step 5 Use a fluffy brush (FAIRWEATHER FACES Fluff Brush) to blend the contours and highlights then set with translucent loose powder. Step 6 To add more depth apply a combination of purple, brown, grey, and lime green eye shadows to all of the areas of the face where the purple liner was used. Step 7 Apply a set of false lashes and lip stick in a deep shade (use FAIRWEATHER FACES lipsticks: Spaced Out or Chaotic-purple hued/ Luvena-wine hued/ Night Moves-deep chocolate hued). Step 8 Place a thin layer of eyelash glue to the neck and one cheek. Then cover with tissue. After that apply another layer of eyelash glue and let dry. Once the glue has dried, rip open the center of the tissue creating a pocket. Step 9 Using a sponge, color the tissue with a flesh tone concealer Step 10 To finish, fill the ripped tissue pockets with a deep red lip gloss

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