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Waterproof & Longwear Must-Haves

Waterproof & Longwear Must-Haves


Eyelights in TREASURE is your must have for all Weddings, Vacations , sweaters and teary eyed beauties.

•subtle eyecatching hi-lites (brow bone, inner eye corner and more...)
•smudge proof - dries instantly



Whether you can create your lines with a rock steady hand or you shake it up a bit, this LIQUID LINER is perfect for you.

•long wear formula
•quick drying
•easy to use marker tip applicator (creates finer lines in comparison to our EYELINER PEN), perfect for unsteady hands


$ 22.00 Eyelights-Treasure


$ 18.00 Liquid Liner-Black

Fetching Lipstick

Fetching Lipstick

imageEmily as Fetching (2)

This is the time to step out of your comfort  zone.

The vibrancy of FETCHING makes all complexions come alive.

Fetching lipstickimage

Emily-The Glow & Fetching (2)

Our models (Kayla) and (Emily) have never ever worn orange lips.

Andrea balanced Kayla's full coverage lips with our EXPERT blush; Emily got popsicle stained lips with 'The Glow' for balance; both beauties' brows were set and tamed with BROW FIXX.

ExpertExpert BlushThe GlowContour #6Vice HighlighterBrow FixxBrow Fixx

Both Emily and Kayla looked in the mirror and were blown away!

Not only did our hi-shine FETCHING lipstick pop their complexions, but both spirits were lifted up immediately upon seeing their naturally glammed FAIRWEATHER FACES.


$ 18.00 Fetching Lipstick


$ 18.00 Expert Blush


$ 18.00 Brow Fixx

Summer Kissers

Summer Kissers


Get all three NEW (allergy tested) Lipglosses.

Add them to your makeup kit to create all of your glam looks:

Natural Look-GO BARE matches the ORIGINAL Face Chart

Polished Look-SWEETIE PIE matches BABYDOLL and TROPICAL Face Charts

Skin Popping Sexiness-HOT FLASH matches MAMACITA Face Chart


$ $18 1-Go Bare Lipgloss


$ $18 1-Hot Flash Lipgloss


$ $18 1-Sweetie Pie Lipgloss

New GLITTER Lipglosses

New GLITTER Lipglosses


They are gorgeous alone or can be worn on top of your lipsticks.

Glitteratzzi- your Must Have to show off your sun kissed summer skin

Lip Combos that work together:

imagetest shoot Summer face chart (1)_crop

                                                                        LIVING in GOLD Face Chart

Pink Rocks-Must Have shine for all you pink lovers


Lip combos:


Snooty and Pink Rocks


$ 22.00 Glitteratzzi


$ 22.00 Pink Rocks

Tichina Arnold as our Summer Ombre

Tichina Arnold as our Summer Ombre

Superstar Fetching lipstick

 Superstar & Fetching The perfect combination to bring the heat this Summer!

Tichina and our Products Tichina wears our Pumped Up blush, Brow Fixx, Contour #11-as her eyeshadow base and cheekbone Contour, Highlight on eyes/cheeks, NEW Superstar / Fetching lipsticks and Curling Mascara (all applied with our Blinged PRO Set)...

(Andrea will give you the tips to create your lips just like she did for Tichina Arnold's NYC Press appearances)


$ 36.00 Superstar & Fetching Lipsticks


$ 137.00 All of Tichina's Makeup


$ 289.00 Tichina's Makeup & PRO Blinged Makeup Brushes



            Hello SUMMER

Add a pop to warm up your skin...

• Lightweight Texture
• Glides on Smooth and Even
• Highly Pigmented


Blood Orange blush


Pink Boost blush


Pumped Up blushWhat's your FAIRWEATHER FACES Face?image  = email your photo-

Don't stress.

We will study your photo then customize your Traveling Beauty Kit  by pairing the right products and shades that work with your complexion.



$ 18.00 Pink Boost


$ 18.00 Pumped Up


$ 18.00 Blood Orange

'The Glow' (Contour/Highlight) Must Haves

'The Glow' (Contour/Highlight) Must Haves


Contour #6

Vice Highlighter

Coconut Butter Face Chart   /     Lara Spencer @GMA

yodi as Coconut ButterLara wearing Stripped at GMA

Candyland Face Chart     /     Café au Lait Face Chart

Jessica as CANDYLAND 020Cafe au lait traci

Fairweather Faces COSMETICS are:

~Paraben Free ~Allergy Tested


~Hypo-Allergenic ~Fragrance Free


Get your Contour / Highlight right...

Create flawless chiseled cheekbones and glowing skin with this duo.


Pair them with our PRO Chisel Makeup brush (ideal for those comfortable - advanced) or MINI Set Powder brush (beginners) then you will be on point.

Let us know-

What's your FAIRWEATHER FACES Face? = email your photo-

We will pair the right Contour ($26) & Highlight ($18) that work best for you.


$ 44.00 Caucasian Faces®- 'The Glow' Kit:Contour & Highlight


$ 44.00 Women of Color Faces®-'The Glow' Kit:Contour & Highlight


$ 69.00 Contour & Highlight with PRO Chisel Brush

Makeup Kit (Eyes) Must Haves

Makeup Kit (Eyes) Must Haves

Trinitee StokesIn addition to our Face Charts & Makeup Brushes, all Makeup Kits need these beauty tools.

Brow Fixx Shaper ($18) - Andrea's must have Eyebrow essential.

Ever wondered... "What was it that she used to set my eyebrows? They are DONE!"

Purple Craze eyeThis is it.

  • a tinted gel formula
  • tames brows
  • water resistant
  • (clear) can be used as mascara


Eyeliner Pen (black) ($18) - Andrea's must have Cat Eye creator (ideal for shaky hands)

"Andrea, how do you create my cat eyes so fast?"

Perched Boom there it is... Eyeliner Pen


  • ink jet
  • matte formula
  • thick base- fine point tip (allows you to create full,bold -fine lines)
  • Use with Face Charts- CLASSIC, PERCHED (above), Le' CHIC



$ 36.00 Makeup Kit Must Haves (Brow Fixx/Eyeliner Pen:black)


$ 18.00 Makeup Kit Must Have (Brow Fixx)


$ 18.00 Makeup Kit Must Have (Eyeliner Pen:black)



This is how you make an entrance!

Whether it is for your BIG Day or any special event, HERE COMES THE... will make a statement everytime.

*Bonus-Includes an additional Eye Makeup Design

BRIDAL Napiera for her wedding Here Comes the. UPDATED w Patent bw

Beauty Look created by-Makeup Artist Camara Aunique/Photographer- IndigoFoto Photography/Bride- Napiera Groves Boykin

Featured-CLOSER Mag May 2016

*Bridal Party Beauty Gifts: have them wear Le' CHIC (neutral hues) or LAV LOVE (pops of color) kits then it becomes their 'keepsake' beauty treat!

____________ Sweetie Pie LipglossSnooty

Get the HERE COMES THE... Face Chart ($7) and Lip Combo ($36)=($43)

  • Add a MINI Set mini_multi_set + (above) and be a STARLET ($73)
  • Add a complete Traveling Beauty Kit  (Face Chart-comp), Cosmetics to create this look,Blinged PRO Set (3)PRO Blinged Set (used on/by the Celebrities) and have CELEBRITY STATUS ($295 )


$ 43.00 HERE COMES THE...FChart/Snooty Lipstick/Sweetie Pie Lipgloss


$ 73.00 STARLET-HERE COMES THE...FChart/Lip Combo/1-MINI Set


$ 295.00 CELEBRITY STATUS-HERE COMES THE...FChart,Cosmetics to create the look, PRO Blinged set

~Le'CHIC  Seen in NYFW Spring Runway

~Le'CHIC Seen in NYFW Spring Runway

Carrie ($18)

Hi-Gloss (super shiny)

  • packed with the antioxidant vitamin E
  • glossy
  • ultra lightweight

Carrie hi gloss Lipstick Nicole as Le' Chic - Copy

Featured on Good Morning America

Tangerine peach is the key color to pull this look together. Strategically placed highlights will make your skin, eyes and lips pop with a fresh glow.

(Ideal for Teens /Young Adults- Adults with-any eyelid shape & minimum eyelid lines/wrinkles; any lip shape)


Fab for your Wedding Day

makenzie ___________________________________________________

Listen as Micheala Angela Davis describes this look:






Nicole (Video Model)-
"I love the brushes, Andrea!  They are so soft and almost effortless to use. They make blending easy and my eyes always come out perfectly! The color coded chart makes for easy application so I can get ready in minutes."


Watch the SPRING Beauty Video (featuring the Le' CHIC FACE CHART)-


Le' CHIC Face Chart ($5) with Lipstick (above) or Souffle ($22)

Vinyl Lip Lacquer:Souffle

  • high impacted pigments
  • longwear
  • non-drying     _______________________________________________________

Those that purchased this also liked:  LAV LOVE / PLAYFULLY SEXY



$ 23.00 Le' CHIC FChart/ Carrie Lipstick


$ 27.00 Le' CHIC FChart/ Souffle Lipgloss


$ 40.00 Soufflé Lipgloss / Get Wet Lipgloss

Ruby Ruby Lipstick with Classic Face Chart-Seen on Runways, New York Live, Weddings...

Ruby Ruby Lipstick with Classic Face Chart-Seen on Runways, New York Live, Weddings...

The perfect balance of a clean cat eye with etched red lips.  A universal look that is the "go to" makeup design for any special occasion when you need to look and feel 'red lip' fabulous.

Face Chart ($5)

Andrea shows Jacque Reid how to create this look on NEW YORK Live.

CLASSIC demo on NY LiveWatermelon Bliss on NY Live Miko Branch as CLASSIC

Andrea used our PRO Duo brush for precise/longer application. /  Miss Jessies Miko Branch rocks it for a night out.

______________________________(Ideal for Mature Teens /Young Adults- Adults with-any eyelid shape; any lip shape)

Beth Bride as CLASSIC

Fabulous look for a Bride's face (Beth's Wedding Day)


Lips- Matte (yet comfortable to wear)

  • packed with the antioxidant vitamin E
  • extreme pigment
  • full coverage
  • long lasting

Ruby Ruby matte LipstickRuby Ruby ($18)

CELEBRITY STATUS-1 PRO Blinged Makeup Brush Set (includes 1-Free ORIGINAL Face Chart);1 CLASSIC Face Chart,1 Ruby Ruby Lipstick ($179)


michaela at bttg event_crop Classic Face

Listen to Michaela Angela Davis as she describes this look:


Watch Andrea create CLASSIC on NY Live with Jacque Reid:

(Andrea demonstrates how you can achieve three different celebrity makeup looks.)


$ 23.00 Classic Face Chart / Ruby Ruby Lipstick


$ 18.00 Ruby Ruby Lipstick


$ 179.00 CELEBRITY STATUS-1 PRO Blinged Makeup Brush Set;1 CLASSIC Face Chart,1 Ruby Ruby Lipstick ($179)

~Lav Love Face Chart-Seen on NYFW Spring runway

~Lav Love Face Chart-Seen on NYFW Spring runway


Unleashed Lipstick ($18)

Porsha as UNLEASH

Lavender is everywhere and everyone can wear it!  This is the perfect way to wear lavender lipstick and look fashion forward.

Lav Love Face Chart ($5)

Add Sweetie Pie Lipgloss = Lav Love -Dark

          Sweetie Pie Lipgloss ($18)

~ Ideal for Teens- Adults

Ombre Lips Unleash ombre


Listen as Micheala Angela Davis describes this look:





$ 23.00 ~ Lav Love FChart / Unleashed Lipstick


$ 41.00 ~ Lav Love FChart/Unleashed Lipstick / Sweetie Pie Lipgloss


$ 54.00 Ombre Lips:1-Unleash/1-Heaven,1-Ruby Ruby

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