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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Purchase any of these (selected by Andrea) chic pinks for your lips and 15% of your order will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.


PINK ROCKS- fabulous glittery pink gloss that blends seamlessly with the other pink lipstick options

SNOOTY-our featured 'HERE COMES THE... lipstick that will warm all complexions

STRIPPED- the pink that can 'blend down' any other pink lipstick to soften the look (plus it's Lara Spencer's fave go-to color on Good Morning America!)


$ 22.00 1-Pink Rocks (glitter Lipgloss)


$ 18.00 1-Snooty (cream Lipstick)


$ 18.00 1-Stripped (cream Lipstick)

NEW Lip Products!

NEW Lip Products!



They debuted on National Coffee day....
NEW lip products!

Create these looks by:
Etching those lip lines with our WALNUT lipliner.

Then use our DUO makeup brush to piant on our buttery matte COCO LATTE lipstick or perk with our pearl matte never drying COCO MOCHA lipstick.

Yummy lip looks are brewing.


$ 13.00 Walnut Lip Pencil


$ 18.00 Coco Latte Lipstick (buttery matte)


$ 18.00 Coco Mocha Lipstick (pearl matte)

Fetching Lipstick

Fetching Lipstick

Emily as Fetching (2)image

This is the time to step out of your comfort  zone.

The vibrancy of FETCHING makes all complexions come alive.

Fetching lipstickimage

Our models (Kayla) and (Emily) have never ever worn orange lips.

Andrea balanced Kayla's full coverage lips with our EXPERT blush; Emily got popsicle stained lips with 'The Glow' for balance; both beauties' brows were set and tamed with BROW FIXX.

ExpertExpert BlushThe GlowContour #6Vice HighlighterBrow FixxBrow Fixx

Both Emily and Kayla looked in the mirror and were blown away!

Not only did our hi-shine FETCHING lipstick pop their complexions, but both spirits were lifted up immediately upon seeing their naturally glammed FAIRWEATHER FACES.


$ 18.00 Fetching Lipstick


$ 18.00 Expert Blush


$ 18.00 Brow Fixx

French Kiss

French Kiss

 LP_Lavette-5320 wearing wire mask (2)

Featured products:

Damsel Lipstick

Brunette Eyebrow Pencil

Contour #6 / Highlight-Vice

Eyelights-for eye sheen

Brownie Eyeshadow

Liquid Liner

Vixen Lashes



FRENCH KISS Face Chart ($5)

Directions & Tips to Simplify your makeup application experience

A sexy, flirty look that will get you noticed.

This is the perfect balance of soft smokey eyes with merlot hued lips.


(Ideal for Young Adults- Adults, any eyelid shape; medium-fuller lips)


yodi as French Kiss

Lips- Cream

  • packed with the antioxidant vitamin E
  • smooth and creamy
  • contains natural vanillin extract


Damsel ($18)________________________________________________

Watch the FRENCH KISS beauty video-


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LuvenaLuvena-$18 (the matte/full coverage/long wear version Lipstick for FRENCH KISS)

tichina as Pink Pow in press nyc_crop




$ 23.00 French Kiss Face Chart/ Damsel Lipstick


$ 18.00 Luvena (matte version Lipstick)


$ 5.00 (1) French Kiss Face Chart

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