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Lip Love

Lip Love


All the way glam lips in au natural.

Top-Carrie lipstick with Go Bare Lipgloss

Bottom Right-Coco Mocha lipstick

Bottom Left-Coco Latte lipstick


$ 36.00 Carrie lipstick w/Go Bare lipgloss


$ 18.00 Coco Mocha


$ 18.00 Coco Latte

NEW- 20th Anniversary Lipgloss

NEW- 20th Anniversary Lipgloss

In honor of the year FAIRWEATHER FACES was created, we present SHOW OUT!


We knew we had to SHOW OUT  spiritually, mentally and physically to make FAIRWEATHER FACES (mobile beauty) vision come to life back in 1997.

IMG_1314 'Light My Fire' songtress Kimberly Davis rocks it for her beauty shoot.


Now you can SHOW OUT everytime you swipe your pucker with this glitter lipgloss .

(Fabulous worn alone or on top of your lipstick colors.)


$ 25.00 Show Out



All the key colors you need to create the look of HEARTBEAT.

Heartbeat closeup from Judith shootSame products, different complexions. Pow!Enid as Heartbeat Face

Simplified for an easier makeup application. You follow the chart step by step. It's fool proof.

•( 1 )HEARTBEAT Face Chart (complimentary)

• (1) 20th Anniversary Lipstick- 1997

•(1) Dominate Eyeshadow

•(1) Yolo Blush


$ 55.00 Heartbeat Color Kit

Complete Brow Kit

Complete Brow Kit

Get your brows tight and right with this essential kit.IMG_0374


**Brow Fixx-a tinted gel formula that tames the brows
water resistant
(clear) can be used as mascara
($18)/**Brow Pencil ($13) /**DUO Brush($45) / **Contour ($26) multifunctional for brow fill in, eyeshadow and face contouring

Andrea's picks as her must have Eyebrow essentials



$ 95.00 Complete Eyebrow Kit (Note:your current hair color when purchasing)

Liquid Concealor Colour Correctors

Liquid Concealor Colour Correctors

#fairweatherfaces #LiquidConcealorColourCorrectors
Create a cleaner, smoother, fresher looking skin finish with these babies.IMG_1260 Kimberly Davis

Just a swipe will do.


SUBSCRIBERS get the secrets tips on how to wear /mix our products.

Sign up-


$ 21.00 Green -neutralizes redness or rosacea


$ 21.00 Brightener-for light to medium skin tones


$ 21.00 Peach-corrects dark under eye circles for medium to dark skin tones

In Beauty and Peace...® Mug

In Beauty and Peace...® Mug

Be inspired everytime you take a sip with our mantra Mug.

Dr. Arabia Mollette gives a toast to you.

IMG_9898 (Front view)

In Beauty and Peace...®

IMG_9899 (Back view)


$ 20.00 In Beauty and Peace...® Mug

WINTER Lips-start layering

WINTER Lips-start layering

Eaux lipstick

Add EAUX Lipstick over

IMG_0842NIGHT MOVES Lipstick or

chante done photo Skin TightSKINTIGHT Lipstick


$ 18.00 Eaux Lipstick


$ 18.00 Night Moves Lipstick


$ 18.00 Skintight Lipstick

Mix & Match (Wine down Lips)

Mix & Match (Wine down Lips)

robin-as-luvenaAs seen on Robin Roberts on GMA: LUVENA Lipstick (buttery matte)

Arielle as VIXEN w  hatWILD CHERRY vinyl lipgloss (applied as a stain on Arielle)

IMG_0272Cookie Patten  layered her DAMSEL (Cream Lipstick) & GO BARE Lipgloss


$ 18.00 Luvena Lipstick


$ 36.00 Damsel Lipstick & Go Bare Lipgloss


$ 22.00 Wild Cherry vinyl lipgloss

Eyebrow Pencils

Eyebrow Pencils


Lynn Forester de RothschildHalle Baileyimage

(1)Lady Rothschild wears: Blond Eyebrow Pencil-(Contour #6)    (2)Halle Bailey wears: Taupe Eyebrow Pencil-(Stripped Lipstick)  (3)Megan wears: Brunette Eyebrow Pencil-(Brown Eyeliner, Blood Orange Blush, Hollywood Highlighter,)

All are wearing BROW FIXX to set/finish the brow look

imageEyebrow Pencils ($13x)

Essential to framing your face, the pencil texture will allow you to  create feathered (not drawn on) brows with a flick of your wrist. Convenient brow brush aids to create a professional brow finish.

A Must: Set them with our (water resistant) Brow Fixx ($18) for a polished, stay put look.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Benefits of using the Eyebrow Pencil & Brow Fixx: • perfect for those that sweat •ideal for brows that do not last throughout the day


We would be delighted to choose the appropriate color for you.


$ 13.00 Taupe Eyebrow Pencil


$ 13.00 Brunette Eyebrow Pencil


$ 18.00 Brow Fixx

GLITTER Lipglosses

GLITTER Lipglosses


They are gorgeous alone or can be worn on top of your lipsticks.

Glitteratzzi- your Must Have for gold lovers


Pink Rocks-Must Have shine for all you pink lovers






$ 22.00 Glitteratzzi


$ 22.00 Pink Rocks

'The Glow' (Contour/Highlight) MUST HAVES

'The Glow' (Contour/Highlight) MUST HAVES

Meshell Ndegeocello's CD cover-Comfort Woman


Contour #6 Vice Highlighter  highlighter

ORIGINAL Face Chart-Lara Spencer @GMA

LIVING in GOLD Face Chart-vlogger CurlsandUnicorns

GLAM IT Face Chart-Goldman Sachs COO Lisa Opoku

Lara wearing Stripped at GMAJaheira as LIVING in GOLDlisa opoku goldman sachs black tie event feb 1 2013 nyc 002_crop

Fairweather Faces COSMETICS are:

~Paraben Free ~Allergy Tested


~Hypo-Allergenic ~Fragrance Free


Get your Contour / Highlight right...

Create flawless chiseled cheekbones and glowing skin with this duo.

 Pair them with our PRO Chisel Makeup brush (ideal for those comfortable - advanced) or MINI Set Powder brush (beginners) then you will be on point.


Let us know when you need our expertise to create your look.

Personal Makeup Shopping™ will pull your products together!


$ 44.00 Caucasian Faces®- 'The Glow' Kit:Contour & Highlight


$ 44.00 Women of Color Faces®-'The Glow' Kit:Contour & Highlight


$ 69.00 Contour & Highlight with PRO Chisel Brush



Create a flawless, precisioned makeup design with this look.

It is  ohhh  so chic  yet natural enough to wear to:

* the Board meeting

* Church


*heck you can wear this for any Special occasion

Follow our Face Charts so you can:

*Create a fabulous face for work and team meetings
* Prance to Lunch
* Still look amazing during cocktails and dinner
HAUTENESS   (~)=ideal for mature Teens to wear as well










Traci as Hauteness  June 24 2013 001 mini_multi_set
Watch the New HAUTENESS Beauty Video-

Bonus Video-

Share with your Man or that special Friend:


$ 5.00 Hauteness Face Chart


$ 47.99 Mini Set /1-Lipgloss for your complexion


$ 62.00 1-Eyeliner,1-Contour,1-Highlighter all for your complexion

Award Face Chart

Award Face Chart

This look has graced many red carpet events.

yanique HEAVEN Lipsticks & GET WET Lipgloss

It gives you glamour and versatility with a perfect blend of neutral / deep eye colors and sexy soft colored lips.

(Ideal for Mature Young Adults- Adults with-any eyelid shape; any lip shape)

IMG_1344 SNOOTY Lipstick & SWEETIE PIE Lipgloss, Taupe Eyebrow Pencil with Brow Fixx, Contour #6 with Orchidee Blush, Savanna & Blackest Black Eyeshadows

Those that purchased this also liked:


Coconut Butter Yodit photo







$ 5.00 Award Face Chart


$ 36.00 1-Heaven Lipsticks +1 Get Wet Lipgloss


$ 36.00 1-Snooty Lipstick +1-Sweetie Pie Lipgloss

Featured in ELLE Magazine:Ruby Ruby Lipstick & Classic Face Chart-Seen on Runways, New York Live, Weddings...

Featured in ELLE Magazine:Ruby Ruby Lipstick & Classic Face Chart-Seen on Runways, New York Live, Weddings...

The perfect balance of a clean cat eye with etched red lips.  A universal look that is the "go to" makeup design for any special occasion when you need to look and feel 'red lip' fabulous.

Featured in:


(Marie's Wedding Day)marie-as-classic-for-her-weddingEnid as Heartbeat Face

Andrea shows Jacque Reid how to create this look on NEW YORK Live.

CLASSIC demo on NY LiveWatermelon Bliss on NY Live


(Ideal for Mature Teens /Young Adults- Adults with-any eyelid shape; any lip shape)

Face Chart ($5)__________

Lips- Matte (yet comfortable to wear) ".. feels buttery on the lips.."

  • packed with the antioxidant vitamin E
  • extreme pigment
  • full coverage
  • long lasting

Ruby Ruby matte LipstickRuby Ruby ($18)

CELEBRITY STATUS-1 PRO Blinged Makeup Brush Set (includes 1-Free ORIGINAL Face Chart);1 CLASSIC Face Chart,1 Ruby Ruby Lipstick, Liquid Liner (shiny finish), Beige Mist, Cactus and Desert Eyeshadows, Expert Blush


michaela at bttg event_crop Classic Face

Listen to Michaela Angela Davis as she describes this look:


Watch Andrea create CLASSIC on NY Live with Jacque Reid:

(Andrea demonstrates how you can achieve three different celebrity makeup looks.)


$ 23.00 Classic Face Chart / Ruby Ruby Lipstick


$ 18.00 Ruby Ruby Lipstick


$ 259.00 CELEBRITY STATUS-1 PRO Blinged Makeup Brush Set+(1) Classic Face Chart + Listed Makeup

Original®  (5 Minute Makeup):seen on Beyonce's campaign

Original® (5 Minute Makeup):seen on Beyonce's campaign

< ORIGINAL Face Chart ® ($5)- (1) Free with every Makeup brush Set purchase

Monique Coleman glamming it up at her photoshoot. (Makeup-Fairweather Faces)_______________________________________

Featured look on Chole  and Halle Bailey for Beyoncé's I Rise For Change campaign-

I Rise campaign(~ = suggested as age appropriate for Teens) and Adults


(Ideal for  Teens/ Young Adults- Adults with-any eyelid shape; all skin types; any lip shape)


It was the very first Face Chart created by Andrea to display the color-coding system.


The colors chosen work for all skin tones and the usage of the brushes allows you to get the basic experience you need to move on to the other Face Chart makeup designs.

Think of the warm/clean looks of  Beyoncé, Misty Copeland, Vanessa Hudgens, Kerry Washington, Jessica Alba  and Angela Bassett.

This is the universal makeup design that can work for any occasion.


Lips- Cream

  • packed with the antioxidant vitamin E
  • smooth and creamy
  • contains natural vanillin extract

Taupe-caucasianTaupe ($18)- for Caucasian Women (or) Brown Betty Brown Betty ($18)-for Women of Color

  • Add a MINI Set and be a STARLET IMG_8990
  • Add a blinged PRO Set and have CELEBRITY STATUS



Lara Spencer on the red carpet (wearing the additional Eye Makeup Design)

(Bonus- This chart features an additional Eye Makeup Design)


Original Face Chart with Lipstick and more...


Click Link to

Watch  our CEO (Andrea) Follow the Dots to create the ORIGINAL Face Chart (Beauty Video)-

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